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Kahului's most trusted dental work specialists

Your oral and dental health are always our priority. Our dental team not only offers regular cleanings but we'll be able to check your gums for periodontal disease, along with cleaning and removing all tartar, plaque and calculus from your teeth leaving them polished and bright! Catching periodontal disease early is vital to combating it and our personalized treatments and explanations will help prepare you for lifelong dental health. Schedule your appointment today!

Your skilled dentist in Kahului

Dental care is a field that requires highly skilled professionals and at the office of Miles Katahara DDS, that's exact what you'll find. Dr. Katahara graduated from Georgetown University and has been serving Maui for 25 years as one of its most trusted dentists. We have several generations of Maui families who consider Dr. Katahara a part of their ohana because he has treated them for years. He is constantly attending courses to improve on the latest dental skills but always has time to spend being your "local" dentist in Kahului.  
Dr. Katahara spends his off time golfing and gardening.  Although he doesn't spend as much time on the golf course as he would like, talking about the latest round or best shot is always welcome in the office. He has grown several brilliant varieties of orchids along with other flowers and vegetables in his garden.  He is always adding to his dining table things to eat or decorate it with. Dr. Katahara believes in creating a green environment, so whenever possible, he composts and fertilizes using approved green gardening techniques.

Experienced friendly staff

We are lucky to have a staff that has been with the office for many years so you can be assured of the consistent professionalism that you have come to expect over the years. Not only is our team experienced and knowledgeable, but we're also friendly and always approachable. From the very beginning of your visit you'll find a staff that is welcoming and available to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in connecting patient care with customer service and there's nothing more important to us than your comfort and health. If there's every anything more we can be doing for you, please let us know. You are our priority.

Convenient and flexible

Kahului's most trusted dental work specialists
We know how busy you are with responsibilities to family, friends and work. That's why we offer a wide range of convenient appointment times and are flexible with our patients' schedules. You'll always be able to find a time that works for you. If you can't take off work, we'll be available to you even after traditional working hours. Give our friendly and helpful staff a call to let them know your appointment preferences and you'll be visiting our office in no time at all! 


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